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Plummer Blocks

The main benefit of split plummer block bearing housings is their easy installation; pre-assembled shafts can be mounted in them. When the bearing housing bases are attached to the base plate it is then only necessary to place the housing caps in position and to tighten the attachment bolts to complete the installation.Split plummer block bearing housings available on the market are mainly intended for self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings and CARB® bearings of ISO Dimension Series 02, 03, 22, 23 and 32. They can often be fitted with various different seals. Many designs and variants of split plummer block housings are available making the use of tailored housings unnecessary and thus enabling cost effective bearing arrangements to be made.The basis of the SNL plummer block housing system consists of a number of housings of the same design but in different sizes. By combining these housings with the different standard seals a wide variety of housing variants, all belonging to the standard range, can be supplied to cover the majority of demands for plummer blocks for shafts having diameters of 20 to 160 mm, inclusive. The standard range also covers other variants, for example, housings with drilled and tapped holes for lubrication nipples or condition monitoring sensors. Housings are also available for bearings for larger shaft diameters

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